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Successfully secure and improve the well-being of law enforcement K9s while on active duty and beyond

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Helping the K9s in our Community

With diminishing budgets, many law enforcement agencies have had to reduce or eliminate their K9 units. It is our belief the partnership between the police officer and the K9 helps save lives, Going To The Dogs, a 501c3, wants law enforcement agencies, large and small, to have the K9s they need for protection and to fight crime. We want to raise awareness of the contributions by K9 units in our community. A retired K9 deserves the opportunity to live out its years comfortably with the police officer he/she served.

“You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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What We Do:

The Board of Directors for Going To The Dogs works with law enforcement agencies on both sides of the state line to provide assistance for the K9 units. With budgetary constraints at the federal and state level, Going To The Dogs fills the gap when funding is an issue.

Since its inception, Going To The Dogs has defined short and long-term goals. The short-term goal is defined to work with law enforcement agencies throughout the entire states of Missouri and Kansas to assist with K9s needs. The long-term vision extends the partnership to Nebraska and Iowa to make Going To The Dogs the Midwest nonprofit organization for K9s.

Purchase K9s

Acquiring a trained K9 ranges from  $10,000 – $12,000 and for some departments, this is quite a hardship.  Going To The Dogs wants to help those who, at times, are the first responders in a negative situation.

Buy Supplies

Going To The Dogs’ mission is to help with supplies and may include bullet proof/stab proof vests or special equipment for the patrol cars.  Bullet proof vests alone range from $700 – $900, and your donation could protect the K9 in adverse situations.

Assist with Retirement

Going To The Dogs would assist in a pension program to cover the premiums for pet insurance so when “Chief” has ailments from the job, he/she can receive the veterinarian care he/she needs.


Going To The Dogs wants to support the K9 with a proper Celebration of Life to show our gratitude for the assistance they have given in his/her lifetime.

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